Enhanced Public Health Measures

Mandatory restrictions from the Provincial Government are in effect to protect the health system and slow the spread of Covid-19. As of November 27th Price & Comin LLP are complying with these measures by closing all of our offices to visits except by Appointment Only. Please call us and arrange an appointment if you need to meet with an accountant. Secure Document drop-off has been arranged at Cardston and Raymond offices and our digital uploading portals. We hope you’ll understand these measures to keep our staff and clients safe.

A Healthy Staff & Healthy Environment

In light of the current coronavirus situation, we feel it is necessary to address the importance that we place on the health of our staff and clients. To support a healthy environment we have invested in many technological solutions that make it possible for staff to work from home. And makes it possible for clients to work fully with us without having to come into the office.

Please notify us of the following:

To help us support a healthy safe environment for staff and clients. We would appreciate if you would notify us of the following:

  1. If you are feeling unwell (e.g. fever, cough, achy, runny nose, etc.)
  2. If you have been out of the country at all. 
  3. If you or anyone of your close network are/has been quarentined by a medical professional, requested to self-quarantine or is on a 14-day absence from work

If you have been exposed to the virus by any of the above means, we invite you to contact us about the options we have in place to meet your business needs.

Please be assured that we are implementing the same precautions with all staff to ensure the health & wellbeing of our staff and clients.

We are also increasing our efforts to disinfect and sanitize contact areas in our office. Hand sanitizer stations are readily available for staff and clients.

Work With Us In The Cloud

Price & Comin LLP has fully embraced the advantages of cloud computing and cloud accounting. That means we can work with you and your information, even if you never come into our office. These services include:

  1. Our website has an encrypted and secure document upload portal. Which means you can send in your tax slips and other information immediately. Without fear of loss of privacy or security.
  2. Our accountants are able to conduct face to face video conferencing with you. Which means you’ll still get a personal explanation of your tax return and other important advice.
  3. Secure e-signature and finished document delivery. You’ll be able to sign your documents electronically and get your finished return protected by an encrypted and secure password.
  4. Pay online with credit card at www.pricecomin.ca or send us an e-transfer at info@pricecomin.ca.

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