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Do You Dread Filing Taxes? We Can Help.

Do you ever feel like the tax code is stacked against you? Every year there’s something new, a new tax to pay, a new deduction that might be out there but where. Let’s face it, the whole system is rigged so that the government keeps your money instead of you. If there was ever a real David and Goliath situation, it’s definitely the individual versus the Canada Revenue Agency.

It’s not bad enough that the tax code is thousands of pages long (and growing). Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is focusing their Audit activity on individuals and small to medium businesses. It’s more likely than ever that your return is going to the audit department.

Some of the key questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I leaving any money on the table, missing out on deductions that I deserve?
  • Am I getting my full GST rebate amount back?
  • Am I getting the full amount of the Climate Action Incentive refund and do I live in a qualifying area that pays a bonus?
  • Do I even know how to apply for that Climate Action Incentive?
  • What other new programs are there that could give me back more of my hard earned money?

Okay, but chartered professional accountants are super expensive right? 

Look, our rates are very competitive. If you’re comparing us to your Uncle Bob who’s used Turbo Tax once or twice, then yeah we’re more expensive. Until Uncle Bob misses a key deduction that costs you hundreds of dollars. Then you’ll find our rates really affordable.

Why not contact us for a free quote and see just how much your investment in fully certified and experienced accounts would be. When you turn over your tax headache to us, you also get:

  • A lot more free time that you’d spend figuring out how to use one of those DIY tax softwares
  • Peace of mind knowing that your tax return is being done right the first time.
  • The opportunity to buy $10,000 worth of Audit Protection starting at only $25 per return.
  • We can put your entire return into the cloud, that means you never have to even come into our office to get everything done. That will save you tons of time and money.


So don’t wait, contact us right now and book a free quote to Simplify your Tax Return this year!

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