Canadian and Cross-Border Financial Planning Services

Do you have questions or concerns related to tax, estate, retirement, or other financial planning matters? Do you need to plan for your retirement and see if you are on track to meet your financial goals? Do you want to ensure that estate value is maximized, and that family is provided for upon your death? Are you planning a move to or from Canada or the U.S. or do you otherwise have cross-border needs?

Why Do I Need Financial Planning?

You work hard or have worked hard to be successful in your career or business. Perhaps you have started a new business and have hopes for the future. You work hard because whether formalized or not, you have financial, retirement, and other goals that you are hoping to achieve for you and your family. We work with you to formalize personalized goals and to create a financial plan to make them achievable.

How Do You Provide These Services?

Whether you are retired, employed, a business owner, or self-employed, we can help you to achieve your goals by providing plans tailored to you as an individual. These plans range from comprehensive financial plans that cover retirement, tax, estate, financial and cash-flow projection, investment allocation, and risk management planning to “one-page” financial plans that pack comprehensive planning goals, action plans, and other information onto one page. We can provide cross-border plans or cross-border considerations for those moving to or from Canada or the U.S., who are U.S. persons living in Canada, or who have parents, children, or assets on the other side of the border. We can offer planning on a standalone basis, or bundled with other services offered by our firm, such as tax return preparation and bookkeeping.

What Differentiates You?

We are not a bank, investment advisor, or wealth management company. These entities sell products such as life insurance, mutual funds, annuities, and financing or receive commissions from those that do provide these products. They generate fees from the investments that they manage on your behalf and may require you to invest with them to receive planning. By focusing on planning, we can provide advice that is completely unbiased and offer planning to all with no strings attached. We have the U.S. and cross-border knowledge and experience to offer cross-border planning. Take advantage of our different service offerings and different fee structures based on whether you have comprehensive financial planning needs, desire our streamlined “one-page” planning, want bundled services, or simply want to book a consultation.

A financial plan should be a living document and reviewed annually

We review and update this plan annually to ensure you are making progress, to incorporate any new goals, requirements, or life events, and to ensure that vital tasks are completed. Creating the initial financial plan is just the beginning.

Don’t overlook important issues or tasks

Vital tasks that are often overlooked, deferred, or not considered in sufficient detail include estate matters, owner/manager compensation planning, insurance, saving and investing on a consistent basis, and cross-border issues and planning. Let us help you make sure that you have all the bases covered and are making progress.

A long-term perspective is vital

While some goals may be of short duration, it is important to plan through retirement and beyond. Financial and retirement projections ensure that you are tracking towards meeting your financial goals through retirement and to ensure that any goals related to your estate are on target. Short term strategies to save tax or maximize returns must be weighed against long term tax and financial planning.

Cross-Border issues must be considered

If you are moving to or from Canada or the U.S., are a U.S. person living in Canada, or have parents, children, or assets on the other side of the border, you likely have cross-border financial, tax, and estate planning needs. Certain Canadian tax strategies may either not work for you or might have unforeseen consequences. Care must be taken to ensure that tax, estate, and other financial planning considerations are handled in a manner that benefits you while avoiding negative consequences in either country.

What is included in a comprehensive financial plan?

Comprehensive financial plans generally cover topics such as retirement, tax, social security, estate, financial and cash-flow projection, investment allocation, risk management, and cross-border planning for those with complex needs or who want a detailed action plan for their multiple goals, objectives, and issues. Plans can cover all relevant topics or be tailored to specific topics as requested.

One-Page Financial Planning?

For those who want to focus on the “big picture”, who are more interested in an executive summary, or who are budget-conscious, we offer a streamlined “one-page” financial plan that packs comprehensive planning goals, short-term objections, action items, annual tasks, and other information onto one page.

Owner-Manager Tax Planning

We include tax planning considerations for the owner-manager, such as helping new owners get set up in an organized and tax-efficient manner, helping to develop compensation, savings, and retirement strategies, and helping those with an eye for retirement or with an itch to try something new to formulate an exit plan.

Independent Advice

Since we do not sell financial products such as life insurance, financing, or mutual funds and do not manage investments, we have no incentive to prioritize one course of action over another because it might benefit us. For example, we have no incentive to suggest that you invest more as opposed to paying down debt or retaining earnings in a corporation, and we won’t require that you switch your investment accounts to us to obtain planning services.

Fiduciary Standard of Care

We hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard of care, meaning that all our actions and advice are in the best interests of our clients.

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