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Tired of doing all of the accounting work in your business? Why not let our team of professionals save you time & money?

When should you hire an accountant for your business?

Small business accounting gets complicated very quickly. Do you feel like you’re losing control of accounts receivable or payable? Are you scrambling for cash flow and worried about meeting obligations? Would you like to have a better handle on the key numbers that will help you focus and grow your business? Then you’ll want to hire an accountant who will help you reach your goals.

Are you ready to start delegating?

One of the best things about being a business owner is having control. Being the master of your business can be liberating until it becomes all-consuming. Are you feeling stressed, overworked, or ignoring important details? It might be time to delegate and let us handle the accounting. We’ve helped hundreds of successful business owners sleep better at night and focus on what they do best.

Why switch from my current accountant?

Switching accountants is not something you do every day. And honestly, if you have a great relationship with your current accountant we don’t recommend it. But, if you believe that your business needs have outgrown your current firm, we’d love to talk. If you feel that you need more support and help with your growing business or you want to make the switch to cloud accounting, then we can help.

Does Tax Season cause you a lot of stress?

Tax season can be an overwhelming, confusing, and time consuming nightmare if you aren’t prepared. Monthly financial reporting and accurate bookkeeping turns the nightmare into a dream. Price and Comin helps clients with timely and accurate bookkeeping that makes tax season a more enjoyable experience. Okay, no one can make paying taxes enjoyable but we can at least remove the stress.

How Will Good Bookkeeping Help My Business?

You will understand exactly where your money is, whether it’s coming or going. You’ll have the information and data that you need to make wise business decisions. And as we mentioned previously, you’ll be able to avoid the stress and headaches involved with tax season.

Be Able To Instantly Check The Health of Your Business

Accurate and consistent bookkeeping give you a clear picture of your businesses health whenever you need it. Knowing the real numbers involved, is the key to managing your business more successfully. Need a loan quickly to take advantage of an opportunity? You’ll be glad that your bookkeeping is up to date.

Automate Your Bookkeeping and Business Operations

We help clients run their business from the palm of their hand. Cloud accounting software is designed to help busy small business owners automate the bookkeeping process and allow you to track everything from your smartphone. Talk to us about how we help you gain more control of your business.

Go Paperless, Throw Away Those Receipts!

You can throw out that shoe box of paper and stop stressing. Your smartphone makes storing receipts and tracking expenses as easy as taking a picture. 

So, How Much Do You Love Payroll?

If you’re like most of our clients, you DON’T like payroll at all. Price & Comin employs highly trained and certified payroll practitioners that take the stress of payroll off of your shoulders.

Make Payroll An Employee Perk

Imagine a payroll program that runs so well your employees see it as a benefit, not just an expectation. If you’re currently struggling with direct payments, updating tax codes, deductions, managing vacation time, overtime, expenses, ROE’s, T4’s and other payroll duties. You realize that even the most caring business owner can make a mistake that causes an employee harm. Our guaranteed payroll services take those worries off your plate.

Use a Better Payroll Process To Attract Top Talent

Great employees are always attracted to businesses that treat their employees better. A better payroll process will help your employees feel more valued and increase morale and productivity.

Are You Ready To Profit From Cloud Accounting?

What’s the big deal with cloud accounting? Well, traditional accounting systems are hosted on a local hard drive. This creates a host of security challenges as well as price issues for your company. Cloud-based accounting hosts data remotely and more securely. It allows your business to streamline your accounting system and cut your costs.

Best of all, a cloud accounting system gives you access to your finances and your numbers from anywhere. Remember the promise to be able to run your business from your smartphone? With cloud accounting you  create estimates, invoices, and then collect payments right on your smartphone or smart device.


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